Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First flight experience with Garuda Indonesia

Yeay, Finally I knew Kalimantan. This happened in middle Jan 2014. I went to Singapore and Vietnam, but I did not really know my whole country yet (shameless confession). This was my first time went to another island in Indonesia, outside Java. So this was a great opportunity given from the place I work for, to go to Kalimantan. Less than a month, but I already got that kind of opportunity. I hope I will get more in the future. Amiin.
Well, I did not get many pictures I am so sorry. The flight depart from Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng at around 5, I went there by taxi from Bekasi. It cost around more than IDR 200,000. Expensive, huh (cry).  I had to manage the cash advance well if I did want to cover the cost by myself. Of course, I would not cover by myself. I will try my best to save my pocket. Wakakakaa

Believe it or not, this was my first experience fly with Garuda Indonesia. And my impression is great job Garuda! Excellent service. No wonder lots of people are your fanatic fans, no flight without Garuda. I knew why now. I knew why people act like that. Garuda is really great, indeed. I was very excited knowing that I would go with Garuda for the first time. I waited in gate F, then we went by shuttle bus to reach the plane, Garuda Indonesia (could not help the excitement). My seat was number 21C, no window then. That’s ok, this was not my first flight, no window greedy anymore, Hahahaa.

I tried my best not to look like a country girl, wanna look elegant. Hahahaa. Moreover, beside me is a businessman that looks upper middle class. The flight information guidance could be watched in the touch screen in front of me. Everything is clear. I never really understand what the stewardess said about flight safety until I watch the video from this touch screen. After that, we could play with the touch screen to entertain. I explore everything there. There are old and new songs, film, reality shows, games, and news. Complete package. For the first time, flight time is not a problem for me, hahahhaa. I found Running man there. I forgot what episode but I did not watch it yet before. So I decided to watch it. I put the head phone on. About 15 minutes later, the stewardesses brought food for us. I regretted buying big bread before the flight. Hufftttt

I called it as complete food. Not just a piece of bread. I choose to eat fried noodle. It tastes good enough. Then there were a piece of fruit and a cup of juice. We could choose whether it is juice, tea, of coffee (But I hope milk)..  

I felt little bit dizzy. When I looked around, every one slept. Wew, Suddenly I felt sleepy too. I took a look into the touch screen once more. I wanted to sleep while listen to the music. Wow I found many new hits there. I choose Taylor swift novel album, Red, my favorite. I fell into sleep when I hear the air staff told us that we will reach Balikpapan soon. 

The seat was very comfortable. One thing that makes me surprised was the touch screen in front of me. OOhhh my… I already tried another cheaper flight with Li*n, M*rpati, S*iwijaya, T*ger Air, V*etnam Air, J*t Star, but nothing like Garuda (note: I am not Garuda’s marketing staff).

So, the plane landed in Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan, after 2 hours flight. Sepinggan was still in renovation at this time, so I did now how it looks like now as mall airport. I did not get opportunity to take a lot of pictures. To be honest, I am new employee, so I did not want to look over acting, although I really wanted to take hundred pics there with million pose. Ahahaa. You know, I went there with my direct boss, and colleagues. 

See yaa on next post, I am going to tell you how disappoint me with Garuda Indonesia (after feeling so fanatic) 

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