Friday, March 7, 2014

Crafting.. crafting lagiiii yeay

Alhamdulillah I can do crafting again now.

I am not expert yet but I just love it. Love creating something. Few weeks ago I tried to do bag upcycle. I just used this bag 2 times to 2 party of friends but the synthetic leather flake off because of humidity. When I went to Vietnam for business trip for 3 weeks, I let this bag in cupboard. When I check it, some of the leather flake off, very bad to see. Hence, I decided to remake it so that I could use it again. According to tutorial I found in internet from some crafters, all I need to do is just peeling of the leather using sand paper, then I will find grey fabric, this is the last layer I think. After that I need to paint with fabric paint. However I still don’t but it. Hehe. I try to improve by using ribbon that I have. I attached the ribbon with wax glue. This is how it looks.

I could not say that this is 100% success since it doesn’t really looks beautiful :)
However I still have another plan, hiihi
I will unattached the ribbons, than I will attach crochet lace there, I think it will save my bag.

I will post it once it finished. Currently I crochet a cowl. I found the pattern from internet. It is quite easy. Only use chain, double crochet, and slip stich. Then you will form a v stich like this. It is up to you to make how many chains or rows. Mine is about 2 meters length and I am still figuring out the width.
It is been almost 2 weeks but it is not finished yet, hufftttt.

There are still lots of things I wanna make like statement necklace, long wallet, crochet rug, bag basket crochet, maxi dress (jersey upcycle), his wallet, his organizer pouch, his blanket, his sweeter, woohoooo allooott :D 

I will keep posting :)

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