Friday, March 7, 2014

My new neigborhood - Kos Bekasi Timur

Hi hiiii… Long time no see. Long time no write. Long time no thinking. Yes, I was very busy lately (I mean I was very lazy, lol).

Well, I wanna show you my new room (kos). This is my room, very messed up, right? Yes it was. This is the room I rent from a very kind woman. I call her Ibu Kos :D She has a very big house. Wow, once I found this house, I was just thinking how much money I should have to own this kinda house :p
This how my room looks like after short cleaning and sortir

I have been almost 2 months here and still feeling lazy to do cleaning. You know I used to work eat sleep in previous rent room in Lippo Cikarang. But now, I have to clean and wash clothes by myself. Indeed, this room is quite cheaper than before. It is IDR 450,000 here and the previous one is IDR 650,000. The cheap price makes me happy for sure. However, the less facility also make me cry at the same time.

With IDR 650,000 in Lippo Cikarang, I got a good room in second floor, with windows (means good ventilation), 3x3 meter, a wooden cupboard, a nice single spring bed with bed sheet, laundry, cleaning, shared bathroom, shared kitchen, shared television. For me that was very complete package. Although it is pricey compare to my rent room when I was in college, hihihiii. My rent room in Surabaya is only IDR 250,000. Now with IDR 450,000 in Bekasi Timur, I get a good bed (it lies on the floor), a plastic cupboard and doing laundry by myself and no kitchen. Fortunately she allows the tenant girls to buy portable stove (kompor portable). I do buy as well (not used yet till now)

Hehe.. I am passionately using English in this post, you may wonder the reason is. Now I have a new job, I decided to accept job offering from an automotive company as analyst. So, since I don’t have a permanent house yet, I have to move from previous rented room in Lippo Cikarang to my new work location, around Bekasi Timur. In my job now, I rarely use English. Hmm, not rarely I think, but almost never. Since this is a Japanese company, I think using Japanese language is more valuable here. Hence, looks like the only media I could use to learn English is only this blog (that’s why I come back to blog *grin).

This area, Bekasi Timur, is very crowded. Very different compare to my previous neighborhood in Lippo Cikarang. You know, I always bike to work when I was in Lippo with my dearest folding bike that I bought for IDR 800.000 in pasar serang Cikarang. Quite cheap, huh? But what about now? I don’t wanna grumble or complain too much of this condition now. This is my choice any way to move. As I said before, Bekasi Timur is very crowded and I don’t dare to ride a bike through that high way. You know, it is really like big city in Indonesia, traffic jam, thousands motor bike in front of you, behind you, beside you ( I mean everywhere). Hmm.. I could not say more. I just don’t dare. Some colleague in new office said that there is small road I can use to ride bike. However I still don’t know where it is.

For the first and second week I feel like going to stress, sick for few days. Sometimes I regret moving here. But I try my best to live my life well, my choice; I have to go on with this. Just think that it is not that bad, I could get lots advantage by moving here. Of course, I hope better opportunity in my career, my love line, and my passion in crafting. Yes, the reason why I move is because I could not find enough time to do crafting in my previous job. Almost come home late everyday then sleep, even work in holiday. I just thought that I should live that way. I still have another thing I wanna do beside working at office. I thought that everything should be balanced. Do you agree?

If I want to compare, Bekasi Timur has better access. I can find public transportation easier here. Wherever I wanna go. I use minibus called Tiger to go to Terminal Pulogadung directly. It cost IDR 4,000 only. Very cheap but don’t expect too much about the service. I don’t say poor. But it depend on what you expect. Just like another minibus like metromini, it has no air conditioner, very crowded on busy time (when people usually go to or back from work). If I want to go to Jakarta, I can use APTB Bekasi Timur. It cost IDR 9,000 per trip from or to Bekasi. Similar with Trans Jakarta, the interior is quite good, equipped with air con, and it is comfortable for me. The other option is Bus Mayasari. I don’t know complete route provided by Mayasari in Bekasi Timur, I just know the route that I usually see. Like Bekasi Timur – Blok M, Bekasi Timur – Tanah Abang. The other thing is a bus (I don’t know the name) that connects Bekasi Timur and Cilegon. Looks like lots people from Cilegon work here. There are still more that I forget to mention. If I wanna to go Soekarno Hatta Airport in Cengkareng, I should go to Terminal Kayuringin in Bekasi Barat to find Bus Damri, about 30 minutes using public transportation. It cost IDR 45,000. Just have a try :)

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